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Hey there♪ I'm Lanna and I, as you may already know, am extremely famous in the mainland for my several hit singles. I escaped from the city and moved to the Sushine Islands for some peace and quiet. Keep an eye out for updates, you never know when I might come back. (Sidebar by: puptarts)

Lanna and Denny ♪


Denny followed the motion of her hand, understanding exactly what she was trying to do. Suddenly, he wished he’d omitted the part about the smell of sea salt.

Her warmth was a familiar feeling, as was the smell of her perfume. It intoxicated him in a way nothing else could. And, with his mind focused solely on the petite woman he held in his arms, he responded to her sad words. “Oh, I know that I will. And I know that I have. And she puts even the beauty of the sunrise to shame.”

Lanna’s brows slowly knitted together as he spoke, her frail hands forming small fists as she bunched up the fabric of his shirt, nodding slowly against his chest. “Oh.” She breathed softly, nodding once.

Loosening his grip on his shirt, she pulled away slightly, bringing a hand to brush a few strands of her blonde locks behind her ear. “Tell me more about her.” She offered him a smile, resting her chin in the palm of her hand.

Lanna & Felicity || La La ♬


[Simpers at her enthusiasm, nodding in affirmation.] I visited the islands not too long ago to visit an old friend of mine, and a little bit of a vacation~. [Clasps her hands together.] So… are you some sort of celebrity? I’m surprised you’re visiting a small town like this.

[Giggles at her curiosity towards the weapons being sold.] Teehee, the weapons are legal here.♪ Of course, we don’t go around and kill people unless there’s war I suppose… they’re here for the monsters.

*Brows raise with curiosity, arms crossing over her chest.* I see~ and which island did you like best? *Nods, standing a tiny bit taller as a wave of pride washed over her.* But of course~ *Shuts her eyes for a second, nodding with understanding.* It does seem quite unusual, but I’ve always liked quieter, smaller places. There aren’t any paparazzi or fans here, so I can relax all I want~

*Eyes widen, a nervous laugh leaving her lips as her grip on her arms tightened.* Monsters?! What do you mean? There are no such things as monsters! *Pupils shift from side to side anxiously as she tried to maintain a calm demeanor.*

Lanna & Felicity


Lanna… [Ponders over the name for some time during their stroll before snapping two of her intricate fingers together.] Oh Lanna!— I’ve heard of you when I visited the Sunshine Islands once. You’re a singer, correct?

[Giggles in a jolly tone as she walks down the trail leading to the shore.] Yes, the islands and Kardia are sure different. First off, Kardia is much more rural than Sunshine Islands— or at least to me~.

*Her eyes immediately light up, a huge grin spreading across her face.* That’s right~ ♪ *Raises brows, slightly surprised.* Oh, you’ve been to the islands?

*Nods.* I think so too. Also, the buildings look way different. Even the things sold here are different. I mean- *Points at one of the stores.* we do NOT have a store that sells weapons. *Eyebrows knit together, giving the shop a strange look.* Is that even legal?

Lanna & Felicity


[Was walking as well until she bumps slightly into the other.] O-Oh? [Gazes at the stranger in curiosity, noticing her golden locks flowing in the air as she steadied herself.] Yes, I am…? [Nods as she speaks, before releasing a small giggle.] The beach? Hehe, of course I can show you there— follow me.♪ [Gestures for her to follow her down the path.] What is your name?

Thanks! *Bobs her head to the side with a wink, following along the brunette* I’m Lanna. You may have already heard of me. *Slightly tilts her head upwards, sticking her nose up in the air.*

Woah this place sure is different from the Sunshine Islands. *Looks around, eyes bulging out as her mouth hung open, admiring the foreign architecture.*

Lanna and Denny ♪


Denny hung on to each one of her words. They were simple and he had heard many variations of this story before, yet, coming from her lips, they felt new. New and comforting. She had worked her magic.

But when her voice started to hint sadness, Denny quickly went on to return the favor. “Oh, I’m sure they met. My parents could sense a fisherman a mile away. They used to tell me, when I was growing up I mean, ‘Look for a girl that smells of sea salt and sky. Respect her like the ocean but love her like the sun’. That means a lot more to me now than it did all those years ago, but I think I understand what they were trying to say. My parents were great people. And I’m sure your grandpa was too. Hell, he still is. He’s up there wishing nothing but the best for you.” He held out his arms for a hug and gave a dorky smile. “I bet he’s also hoping that odd boy with the purple bandanna’s gonna do what his parents said. And he will.”

Lanna let his words- or rather his parents’ words- sink in, slowly nodding as her lips pursed to form a thin line. Slowly, she reached a hand up to her nose and took a small sniff, hoping she’d catch a hint of sea salt. All she could make out however was the slight smell of roses and a dash of vanilla, forcing the corners of her lips to twist into a pout. She didn’t smell like the ocean.

Her pout instantly disappeared however when he offered her a hug. She didn’t hesitate and fell straight into his outstretched arms, closing her eyes as she inhaled his scent. He had his own intoxicating smell, a mixture of so many things that her mind couldn’t put together. She placed her small hands on his back, gently caressing his prominent spine. “I hope you find her one day, too.”

Do you have a long song prepared for someone?

A long song? *Blinks* Aren’t all songs short though? I mean, I’ve never heard of a song that was like, an hour long.

Lanna and Denny ♪


"You must have been taught very well of that’s the case. You’d stick out like a sore thumb back in my hometown. I swear, half of our regular customers didn’t know what a hairbrush or toothpaste were." He laughed quietly at the memory, shaking his head.

The music from the movie continued, but at this point, Denny wasn’t really paying attention. He kept his focus, however blurry it might have been, on her. Something about talking of his parents threw him off entirely. So much so that when she pointed window, he tilted his head in confusion before finally asking. “What? Lanna, what do you mean?”

She giggled softly, offering him a small smile. She was amazed as to how he’d so easily turn a situation so grim to one so cheerful. But then again, that was exactly what she liked about him.

Slowly, she guided him to the closest window, crouching down and making herself comfortable at its base. After fiddling about for a few moments, she managed to unlock it, closing her eyes as a cool breeze thrashed against her warm skin. Patting the empty space next to her, she looked up at the velvety night sky brimmed with diamond-like stars.

"When I was little, my grandpa passed away. Him and I were very close- in fact, he’s the one who taught me how to fish," the corners of her lips lifted at the memory, her eyes rimmed with a nostalgic gleam.

"So whenever I asked where he went, they’d tell me he turned into a star and was watching over me every night. Now this may sound silly- so don’t laugh-" She giggled, placing a hand on her lips. "but I still believe that he’s way up there, making sure I’m doing okay." She sighed through her nose, chest heaving as she took in another breath. "Your parents are up there too, watching over you just as my grandpa is. Who knows, they might have even met! They might be watching over us together right now!" She grinned up at the dark sky, the corners of her eyes stinging as tears threatened to form.

Lanna and Denny ♪


He felt her draw closer so he gently wrapped his own arms around her petite figure. “Well, you’re a beautiful idol with so much charm and poise. No wonder they all love you. I guess it just means more competition for me.” He paused, and after thinking about what he just said, continued on quickly. “But I think you’re really good with handling those types of situations.”

Her next question came as a bit of a surprise for Denny, and he gave a breathy laugh.  ”There’s not much to tell. Mum and dad always taught me that love was the most important thing in life. As long as you have love, nothing could ever go wrong. But I loved them. More than anyone else and the world. Yet they went away.” His speech was quickening in attempt to avoid the lump from forming in his throat. “They died and left me behind. My love didn’t matter anymore, because they were dead.”

He stopped, not wanting to continue.

She felt a sudden warmth spread across her cheeks, a hand mindlessly rising to cover one of them as a wave of embarrassment washed over her. Had she heard him right? Did he actually think she was beautiful? Deciding to take his compliments as a friendly gesture, she lifted her shoulders in a shrug. “Most of the time. But that’s just because I’ve been taught how to,” She said, looking away.

She listened, nodding every so often. Her brows furrowed at his last statement and she frowned, placing a hand on his shoulder and giving it a comforting squeeze. She wasn’t sure if she should say something or keep quiet, but being the person she was, she knew she couldn’t just leave it at that.

A thought popped into her mind and she slowly got up, taking hold of Denny’s hand and tugging at it, a finger pointing at the window.

Trouble in Paradise.

A fist formed at her side as she slowly drew the phone away from her ear, eyes shutting as her publicist continued to bark at her from the other side of the line. A thin brow twitched. She took another breath.

"Andrea, for Goddess’ sake SHUT UP!" She yelled through gritted teeth, her phone held inches away from her lips. Word had somehow reached the star’s publicist that she had gotten into a relationship, and let’s just say she wasn’t exactly pleased to hear about it.

"I know I’m still signed to that label.. I know this would probably ruin my image.. I don’t care if Justin Bieber just said he had a crush on me- CAN YOU JUST STOP?" She growled, stomping her feet as rage started to bubble up inside her, clenching her hand tighter around the smartphone.

"I’m not gonna break up with him. You can’t force me." She hissed, tone eerily calm. Pressing the phone against her ear once again, she slowly listened as the woman murmured something that sent a pang through the blonde’s chest. She almost immediately lost feeling in her legs once the call ended, her arms falling to her sides. She stared at her phone, blinking a few times as she tried to register what she’d just heard.

"Well then, just put it mind that you’re to blame if something were to happen to your boyfriend."

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Lanna and Denny ♪


He turned up one side of his lip and sighed at her question. “I can’t say I have, Lanna. I mean, the swim team was a big deal back in high school, so I always had girls coming up to me and telling me they loved me, and you know what? I felt nothing. Not a god damn thing. No guilt, no attraction, no happiness. Maybe I was just always thinking, ‘all they’re doing is pitying the poor boy who lost his parents’. Too bad, huh? But I’m always open to feeling it now.”

He used his fingers to stroke the length of her long, blonde hair and sighed happily. “Now’s she’s gonna sing about it, hm?” He laughed lightly as the piano riff and the young woman sang on.

Her eyes widened with shock as the new information hit her right in the face like a ton of bricks. He lost his parents? And she kept whining about how hers didn’t take care of her and how she barely saw them. She nodded at his question, slowly sitting up as she bit onto her bottom lip. Her arms gently snaked themselves around his torso, burying her head in his shoulder.

"I never felt that way either. I’ve had tons of fans who told me they loved me- I appreciated it and all- but never really felt anything other than gratitude toward them," She mumbled, trying not to make him sense how bad she felt about what he mentioned earlier.

"Do you.. wanna talk about it?" She slightly pulled away, looking into his eyes hesitantly.